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“Iridescent Nation” is a club for Carnival Glass collectors between the ages of 1-18. Established in 2003 as the "Sunshine Club," Iridescent Nation helps young collectors discover and learn about Carnival Glass, pressed glass with lustrous, rainbow-like colors (called iridescence). 

Mission Statement: Iridescent Nation strengthens our Carnival Glass community by nurturing and educating young collectors, celebrating our hobby, and promoting the future of Carnival Glass via a new generation of collectors.

It is with great sadness that I share the news that our club founder, Dolores Sage, passed away on the 4th of July at the age of 92. Although her battle with a rare form of lymphoma of the spleen was short it did not stop her from focusing on one of the things that brought a light to her eyes and a smile to her face, her carnival glass collection.

Dolores started collecting carnival glass in the 1960’s. Her first piece was a marigold Imperial Star Medallion milk pitcher given to her by her mother. Her first piece was a marigold Imperial Star Medallion milk pitcher given to her by her mother. She collected Fenton Dragon and Lotus, Northwood Good Luck, milk pitchers, water pitchers, and creamers. In the early years of her collecting she developed a love of wine sets made by American manufacturers. In the last few years her focus changed to wine and cordial sets made by non-U.S. makers.

She was a fierce advocate for promoting collecting carnival glass to future generations. In 2002, she came up with the idea of a carnival glass club for young collectors. In 2003 the Sunshine Club was formed as part of the Sunshine State Carnival Glass Association (SSCGA). In 2012 the name was changed to Iridescent Nation and now, 15 years later, it is still going strong with 58 active members ages 18 and under, and more than 200 alumni. Please see the video above. 

Dolores was the recipient of awards from both the Heart of America Carnival Glass Association (HOACGA) and the Texas Carnival Glass Club (TCGC). At the 2015 HOACGA convention, she was given a special award for her efforts in organizing and continued support of Iridescent Nation. In 2017, at their convention in Dallas, Dolores was awarded the Texas Carnival Glass Club’s Whitley Award. This prestigious award, begun in 2003, honors the recipient’s dedication to carnival glass that has enriched fellow collectors.

Her love of carnival glass and legacy of collecting will live on through her four children, twelve grandchildren, and numerous great-grandchildren – many of us collect carnival glass. And a word of advice to her fellow collectors already in Heaven - If there are carnival glass auctions up there, she keeps her bid card up until she wins.

Member Glass Spotlight

Please visit the “Member Glass Spotlight” page to see photos of our members' Carnival Glass pieces. Members are encouraged to submit additional photos of their Carnival Glass for the “Member Glass Spotlight” page. Any personally identifiable information (a photo caption with your name or if your photo is of you holding your glass) will require permission from your parents. Please contact the editor for a permission form for your parents to fill out and instructions on how to submit your photos.

Featured Articles

The Iridescent Nation quarterly newsletter is filled with educational Carnival Glass articles for young collectors. Our website's NEW featured articles page will share some of the ones that we hope will encourage new collectors to embrace our hobby. For access to all of the interesting and educational articles in our newsletter please visit our Newsletter page and become a member today! Click here

Community News

A BIG THANKS to the Carnival Glass Clubs and individuals who donated glass, books, and dollars to Iridescent Nation in 2018. We appreciate YOU!

Watch the record-breaking Poucher Collection Auction ~ September 13, 2014   Click here


Membership in Iridescent Nation is just $10.00 (US) per person per year. Club members receive a free piece of glass every year, a quarterly newsletter, and a binder for the newsletters, special forms, articles, and other information that we occasionally send them.

Are you looking for a special gift for a young collector? Give them a membership to Iridescent Nation, the gift that keeps on giving! Click here to join!



The quarterly newsletter is a benefit of membership. Click here to the see a sample issue of the newsletter and an index of Issues 1-20. An archive of all published issues, beginning with the first issue in March, 2004, is available to members. Article submissions encouraged! Email the newsletter editor: editor@iridescentnation.com


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