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“Iridescent Nation” is a club for carnival glass collectors between the ages of 1-18. Established in 2003 as the "Sunshine Club," Iridescent Nation helps young collectors discover and learn about carnival glass, pressed glass with lustrous, rainbow-like colors (called iridescence). 


Win A Piece of Carnival Glass

Every month a new piece of carnival glass wil be posted. Members, identify the pattern and manufacturer of the piece of carnival glass in the photo on the right. One winner will be drawn each month and notified of their win. Members, click here then email the newsletter editor with your answer for a chance to win: editor@iridescentnation.com. Learn how to become a member here.

Congratulations to our November winner Fredrick Hanstad of Wisconsin!
Need help identifying a pattern?
Look for a familiar shape or motif (like flowers, animals, or hearts) on David Doty's Website


Community News

Watch the record-breaking Poucher Collection Auction
 ~ September 13, 2014 ~ Click here

Tampa Bay Carnival Glass Club Convention & Auction ~ February 4-7, 2015 ~ St. Pete Beach, FL ~ Click here

Texas Carnival Glass Club Convention & Auction ~ March 18-21, 2015 ~ Dallas, TX ` Click here


Membership in Iridescent Nation is just $10.00 (US) per person per year. Club members receive a free piece of glass every year, a quarterly newsletter, and a binder for the newsletters, special forms, articles, and other information that we occasionally send them.

Are you looking for a special HOLIDAY gift for a young collector? Give them a membership to Iridescent Nation, the gift that keeps on giving! Click here to join!



The quarterly newsletter is a benefit of membership. Click here to the see a sample issue of the newsletter and an index of Issues 1-20. An archive of all published issues, beginning with the first issue in March, 2004, is available to members. Article submissions encouraged! Email the newsletter editor: editor@iridescentnation.com


Click here to learn more about carnival glass and carnival glass clubs in your area.


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