A Community of Junior Carnival Glass Collectors  
The word "Classic" is used to describe Carnival Glass produced from 1908 through 1925.

Fixed Dimensions

Images with fixed dimensions
  1. Northwood Bushel Basket

  2. Imperial Four Seventy Four Tumbler

  3. Northwood Rose Show Bowl

  4. Imperial Heavy Grape 6 Inch Plate

  5. Riihimaki Grand Thistle Tumbler

  6. Star and Fan Cordial Set

  7. Northwood Rose Show 9 Inch Plate

  8. Fenton Horse Medallion Bowl

  9. Seagulls Vase

  10. Northwood Grape and Cable Stippled Variant Plate

  11. Eda Rex Vase

  12. Imperial Hattie Chop Plate

  13. Cristalerias Rigolleau Beetle Ashtray

  14. Northwood Peacock at the Fountain Fruit Bowl

  15. Dugan Amaryllis Compote

  16. Cristalerias Piccardo Graceful Pitcher

  17. Northwood Good Luck bowl

  18. Dugan Garden Path Variant small plate

  19. Imperial Corn Bottle

  20. Dugan Persian Garden small plate