A Community of Junior Carnival Glass Collectors  
Carnival Glass produced beginning about 1960 to the present is described as "Contemporary."

Fixed Dimensions

Images with fixed dimensions
  1. Fenton Chou Ting Fairy Light

  2. Fenton for Levay Cactus Pitcher

  3. Summit Art Glass Siamese Elephant Toothpicks

  4. Fenton for QVC candlesticks

  5. American Carnival Glass Association Inverted Strawberry Fairy Light Souvenir (Fenton)

  6. Fenton Pansy Plate

  7. Heart of America Carnival Glass Association Good Luck Plate Souvenir (Fenton)

  8. International Carnival Glass Association Frolicking Bears Whimsey Souvenir (Fenton)

  9. Fenton Grape and Cable Rosebowl

  10. Fenton Tropical Bird Vase

  11. Fenton Loganberry Vase

  12. Fenton Compote

  13. Fenton Sample Vase (Fostoria Mould)

  14. Woodsland Carnival Glass Association Commemorative Bon Bon (Fenton)

  15. Left to Right - Imperial Mayflower, Mosser Dahlia, Fenton Pineapple, Fenton Founder

  16. American Carnival Glass Association Morning Glory Tankard Souvenir