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Thank You from Iridescent Nation Members

Thank You…

To Those who gave their time and energy to help collect the gift glass and get it to Florida for sorting and distribution.

To Those who donated glass to send to the young collectors.

To Those who gave cash donations.

To Those who sponsor members and/or help spread the word about Iridescent Nation and its annual gift.

Our biggest cost is mailing. Our club spends $750 on postage and packing peanuts each year to mail 50+ pieces of glass to our members. We are fortunate that we can use free USPS mailing boxes to send most of the gifts. During the year, we also mail each member a birthday card plus a printed picture pamphlet (donated by Carnival Glass Clubs and their members throughout the year). To each new member of the club we mail a Carnival Glass Encyclopedia and a binder of educational materials.

Since we do not want to raise the membership fee of $10 to the members, you can see how important your continuing support is to us.

You can help our cause and make a donation via PayPal by clicking the link below!



Thank You for Remembering Iridescent Nation!

Dolores Sage, Founder

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